What did you like best about the preschool program?

“Socialization for the kids; play-based program; different monthly ‘themes’ in the classroom; art stations in the classroom (love these!); sense of community with other parents; getting to know other kids my son’s age and being able to see what he’s like with his peers. The extra care Teacher Tami took with each student; and especially her use of ASL/accommodation for special needs.”

Teacher Tami is amazing with the children and we love getting to know, and work with, the other parents! The price is perfect as well!


“I don’t know how she does it, she’s magical.”

“My parenting also improved. Teacher Tami is an incredible model.”


“She does a wonderful job with them. My son feels safe and secure and has really grown to love Teacher Tami. He talks about seeing her all the time. She does a great job juggling all the kids and knowing what each kid needs from her. She is amazing.”


“Teacher Tami impresses me EVERY SINGLE time I see her interact with the children. As parents, we hope we can learn from Tami.”


“Teacher Tami genuinely cares about our child and has exceptional energy.”


What did you like BEST about our program?

“The sense of community, and the knowledge and enthusiasm that Teacher Tami has for her students.”

“Teacher Tami is an awesome teacher. I really liked being involved in my child’s schooling and getting to know the other kids and parents.”


“I liked Teacher Tami, the play based learning structure (I wasn’t sold on it completely before, but I am now!), the field trips, and the community surrounding the parents.”

“Opportunity for our child to learn social skills and play with other children that he interacts with on a regular basis. ”

“Teacher Tami!”

“The laid back atmosphere and focus on the kids.”