Registration & Tuition Payments

Registration Fee $98

This is the required intake fee to process your application and run 1 background check. If you submit your application in person the fee is $95.



Caterpillars Tuition $118/month

The monthly tuition for Caterpillars Age 2-3.5. Tuesday and Thursday 9-12. The cash / check price is $115 if paid directly.



Tuition Butterflies $155/month

The Monthly tuition for Butterflies, age 3-5. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9-12. The cash / check price is $150 if paid directly.



PCFFP accepts cash, checks, PayPal, and Square (credit cards). All tuition, registration, and other fees are non-refundable. If you want to pay the full year tuition with a check or stack of checks you will receive the last month’s tuition free. You will need to pay the first month’s and registration by the first day of class and the balance by October 1.  Please email the Treasurer at with any questions.