Our Teacher

tami photoTami Perkins has been a cooperative preschool teacher since 1996. She has raised 2 children, and has provided in-home childcare for 12 years. A resident of Lents/Kelly neighborhood for 20+ years, Tami has always been active in the community. After leading child care for Kelly School’s Family Stories Group for some time, Tami decided, “We need a preschool!” So with support from Kelly School staff and other community organizations, Circle of Friends opened its doors in the fall of 1996.

Teacher Tami truly believes that children learn best through a play-based curriculum. She believes that with the proper learning environment, they will build the foundation necessary for successful future educational experiences. Tami gives our children a space where they can explore, hands-on in their world. She also believes in playing alongside children. As both a mentor and a friend, Tami has seen kids grow in self-confidence, learn skills in group settings, and has helped all to enter their next phase of social development.

tami butterfly

Above all else, Tami loves our children. And they love her! We are so lucky to have Teacher Tami!

Tami invites you to contact her: tami@portlandcircleoffriends.org