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Non-Discrimination & Diversity Policies

PCFFP does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, orientation, national or ethnic origin, age or ability, and welcomes all preschoolers and their families.

PCFFP encourages participation in the program by all interested children and their families, and respectfully encourages family traditions, special cultural celebrations, and ethnic diversity to become a part of the learning experience. PCFFP strives to ensure familiarity with a variety of cultures through activities, art projects, books, and displays; to create awareness that the world is a diverse place that everyone is a part of; to enrich the lives of students through caring and acceptance.

Requirements for Admission

Students must be 2 years or older by October 1st of that school year to enroll in the Caterpillar Class. Students must be 3 years 6 months or older by October 1st of that school year to enroll in the Butterfly Class. These age requirements are guidelines set by the Board as recommended by Teacher Tami. Only the Board has the right to make the decision to place a child in a class that is not within the guidelines, after an observation by the teacher and a majority vote. Children need not be potty trained to attend either class.

Enrollment shall be prioritized as follows:

  • #1 Returning Students
  • #2 Alumni Families (siblings or children of former students)
  • #3 All Other Applicants

Returning students must communicate their intent to return for the next school year by May 1st to hold their place; a non-refundable registration fee is due by May 31st. Registration for the following year will be open from January 1st until each class is full, after which, applicants can submit their names to a wait list.

We now offer 2 ways to enroll.

Regardless of the method, Before you enroll, please remember to read the Preschool Member Handbook, submit a registration fee and attend orientation on Tuesday Sept. 4th 2018

1. Online – Paperless.

2. Printed Forms